The investment process is the process of investing capital with resources, labor and many other materials to create fixed assets with the highest economic efficiency. It is the totality of activities to materialize investment capital into fixed assets for the national economy.
From this system point of view, we see that the investment process is considered a complex system with inputs and outputs. The content of the movement and development of this system is carried out through the stage of investment consulting preparation, investment implementation and completion of construction, putting the work into operation.
Inputs of resources, labor, finance, etc. are put into the system as the material premise of the investment process.

Investment consulting

The socio-economic results of the development movement of the system manifested in the form of finished works appearing in the output will have a direct impact on the national economy. These results will participate in the reproducibility process, creating new material premise for the new production cycle of the investment consulting process.
Thanks to our understanding of the entire project implementation process as well as the investment licensing process of state agencies and industrial parks, we have helped investors to get investment licenses to carry out many projects. judgment from the very beginning. Investment consulting work includes explanation of investment projects (pre-feasibility projects), application for policy, favorable location, decision on land allocation or signing of land lease contract and investment license.
For a number of specific industrial parks such as the Hi-Tech Park of Ho Chi Minh City, a technological explanation is also required in accordance with the law on high technology and specialized law on investment.
Foreign construction and consulting units when working for projects in Vietnam also need to be consulted on legal procedures to be granted a contractor’s license.
The internal content of the investment process takes place according to its objective movement and in accordance with the order of investment and construction prescribed by the State.

1. Investment preparation stage

In order for the investment capital to achieve the highest efficiency, the Investor knows which fields to invest in, with how much capital to invest, where to invest, at what time is the most profitable in each period. investment segment. In which, the most important stage is the preparation of investment advice and this stage is the basis for making an informed investment decision.
During this phase, the following tasks need to be solved:
– Research the need for investment and the size of the investment.
– Conduct contact, explore domestic and foreign markets to find the source of materials, equipment, and product consumption.
– Consider the possibilities of mobilizing capital sources and choosing investment forms.
– Conduct survey and site selection.
– Set up investment consulting projects.
– Investment project appraisal and investment decision.
End this period when receiving the investment decision document if this is the State’s investment or the investment consulting license document if this is the investment of other economic sectors.

2. Investment implementation stage

The stage of investment implementation plays an important role in deciding the implementation of the investment process in order to materialize investment capital into fixed assets for the national economy. prepare.
This phase includes the following tasks:
– Apply for a certificate of land use right, including water surface, sea surface, continental shelf.
– Preparation of construction site.
– Organizing the selection of survey contractors, design consultancy, technical supervision and quality of works.
– Appraisal of project design.
– Tender for equipment procurement, construction and installation.
– Apply for a construction permit, a license to exploit natural resources (if any).
– Sign contracts with construction and installation contractors for project implementation.
– Construction.
– Monitoring and checking contract performance.
– Equipment installation.
– General acceptance of works.

3. Construction finishing phase

How this phase operates depends a lot on the previous stages, especially to clarify the feasibility of the project in terms of both economic and technical aspects. The shortcomings in the construction investment consulting project preparation stage will cause many difficulties in operating the investment results and this error is very costly and sometimes exceeds the ability of the Investor to make the project operate. inefficient action.
Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study at the stage of planning investment and construction consulting projects so that the project can be put into operation and exploit capital and assets well during the project’s operation to recover capital and profit. .

This phase includes the following tasks:
– Handing over the project
– Finish construction
– Project warranty.
– Operating and putting the project into production and business.

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