During the past 3 months, the rhythm of our construction crews has been non-stop 18/24 hours a day. The progress of the project is so stressful that the need to work two shifts is inevitable. However, with the southern region having different living and working customs, it is not easy to maintain the above work circuit for a long time.

After 6 p.m., the engineers only had time to eat a bowl of rice in a hurry and had to rush to the construction site to work. Outside at night in Dong Nai, the last months of the year, the weather is quite cool and poetic. The sky is full of stars, the wind is gentle, but we do not have time to enjoy the poetry of heaven and earth because work has now occupied all of our minds.

Far away is Do Xuan Duy – a young engineer. He has spent seven days staying up past midnight overseeing each batch of concrete with a volume of hundreds of cubic meters per night. Duy’s face is dark and haggard, but his eyes are still very agile. In the roar of the tank truck, the pump boom, it took engineers a lot of strength to speak loudly, to direct workers to the right position and to practice the correct construction techniques.

In the distance is Nguyen Viet Phuong – warehouse worker at the construction site. During the past few months, Phuong alone has taken on this job, he directly received, counted, photographed thousands of tons of steel structures, tens of thousands of m3 of sand, base stone and now large batches of concrete. Every night. The workload was really beyond Phuong’s imagination when she first took on the task.

The same goes for other positions, everyone is straining because the assigned task is to bring the project to the finish line on time. No one told anyone, we are all working hard, devoting all our energy and time to the project. Forget all the family chores, put aside the past daily sports pleasures… all are working hard for the image of an engineer in the challenging southern land.

In contrast, one year ago, when we received a project from the company, we determined that this was a big project, a milestone in our engineer’s life. There will be outstanding growth in professional skills. The reality so far has proved that the project is indeed fierce in terms of schedule and technical requirements.

Mr. Dao Van Thoai, the deputy commander of the project, is in such good health that he is really tired now. Not a day away from the construction site, he worked patiently and stood firm against all the pressure of the project owner. Tonight, when it was past midnight, we, the young engineers on the construction site, still looked at him to be more confident in our work. The image of Thoai, the black engineer burned by the sun and wind during the day and steady in the dark at night on the construction site always gives us great motivation.

Working at night, safety is always a top priority. In this project, young engineers were fortunate to have the companionship of Lo Viet Cuong – a very tough but very close safety officer. Mr. Cuong, Lam, Linh … in the safety team have always done their best to bring the project to the finish line. The safety success in the project has also been a huge success of the construction profession.

Another night is about to pass, the last batch of concrete has just been poured, the workers are scanning and compacting each corner of the building structure. Engineers worked hard to finalize the figures, concrete specifications and the noise on the construction site had gradually subsided.

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